AMI UK Passes 1 Million Spot-Rate Milestone

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AMI – the world’s largest trade-only airfreight and express wholesaler – has provided its 1 millionth cargo spot-rate quote in the UK.

AMI opened its Spot Rate desk – specialising in live market quotes – in 2007. The Spot Rate team originally comprised three members and has now grown to ten, based in both London and Manchester; it now handles 60% of AMI’s total airfreight business in the UK. The success of the concept has led to the establishment of similar operations within AMI’s USA and Australian operations.

The one millionth UK spot rate quote was requested by AMI agent customer Darielle Moynes, of PSS International Removals.

Says AMI’s VP Europe, Sharon Wright: “This is a real milestone for AMI. The Spot Rate team has become a vitally important aspect of our total operation and has played a major role in our continuing strong growth in recent years.

“The profile of spot-rated shipments is very diversified: we recently quoted for, and shipped, 15 tonnes of printed copies of the President of Nigeria’s autobiography to Abuja, and a 45 kilo consignment of Class 1 explosives to Jakarta. Increasingly, we are our customers’ total physical presence, offering packing, collections, screening, palletisation, documentation, Customs processing, and delivery at destination.”

The volume of Spot Rate quote requests is constantly increasing; to help cope with demand, AMI encourages clients with smaller shipments to log onto its new and improved Q&B (Quote and Book) website, where they can obtain an instant, highly-competitive price along with costs of  ancillary services such as pick-up, documentation and delivery to door. This enables agents to provide their customers with instant ‘all in’ prices, helping them to secure more business.

Continues Sharon: “AMI has changed dramatically from its original model. Once, over 70 percent of our business was consolidation, but nowadays much more is moved on non-consol services. Value added services have also become a key differentiator for AMI; many customers use us to screen their cargo and build pallets.”

She concludes: “Increasingly, we have facilitated online transactions to provide speed and flexibility; this is just one illustration of our 41-year tradition of innovation, and we will continue to seek new ways to increase our customers’ competitiveness.”

AMI – the world’s largest trade-only airfreight and express wholesaler – has helped prevent a major pollution incident by successfully shipping urgent supplies needed for the containment of an oil spill, following the sinking of the freighter MV Southern Phoenix in Suva Harbour, Fiji.

The 89 metre vessel developed a severe list following loading at its berth. It was towed to a safe location away from the port area, where it rolled over and sank in 15m of water. An emergency effort was immediately mounted to prevent environmental damage being caused by a potential major escape of the 213 tonnes of fuel oil on board.

Working on behalf of its customer Solid Cargo Management of Sydney, AMI received the emergency response cargo, which comprised 77 pieces including oil containment booms, dive gear, engineering tools and safety equipment. It then packed the 8,406 kilos of cargo onto aircraft pallets and arranged to fly it from Sydney to Nadi (North Fiji), for onward transport to the accident site at Suva Harbour (South Fiji).

AMI’s facility in Sydney, along with its ability to secure space on Fiji Airways at short notice, were essential to the successful execution of the project within the shipper’s contractual delivery time of 48 hours.

Says AMI’s NSW Branch Manager, Jason Papworth: “AMI successfully delivered the goods inside the deadline, despite a last-minute offload due to aircraft trim. We were very pleased to play a part in minimising the environmental impact of the sinking.”